Finding your inner voice again

Hello internet!

Isn’t it strange how we can loose ourselves in the world around us?

I’ve been trying to get a job now for almost a full year. In that time, I’ve gone through what feels like hell and back. When I started looking around I was hopeful and fearless. As the months progressed the doubts and second guessing begun. You start to question everything about you. Your skills, your talents, and even your worth. And with all of this in my head, I started to think that trying to get a job, ANY job, would be great. And maybe that’s true but it’s very easy to loose track of your goals. To stop dreaming and to forget what you truly want and desire. To go after anything just as long as it’s where you are and with Him. With Mr. Boyfriend.

But now I’m here. Back in my home Country and still in a long distance relationship. My love and feelings are still here with me, but the reality is this: I need a job. And why not try and get my dream job? I mean, I’m already far away from him, I might as well shoot for the stars no matter where they may be. And if it’s meant to be with him, it’ll be.

I decided to write this post today ‘cause I felt once again that tingle and excitement when applying for a job. And you know why? I realise it’s because it is my dream job. And it feels amazing! To imagine myself working for something like that doing what I love…

The thing is, never to let go of who you are and what you truly want. Make all the plans you want, expect all you want. But in the end, it’s not completely up to us. There are bigger and greater forces working out there. Do your best, try your best, and let go.

Have a good night world.

With love,



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