Climbing out of the hole

Hey there you, have you ever felt like you’re standing in a really big hole and there’s nothing around you to hold on to in order to climb out?


Well, that person is me right now. Or at least that’s the person I feel like during some moments of the day when my situation feels “too much” (which in the bigger picture is nothing, I know, but still!!! I am only ME living in MY context)..

Fortunately, there are certain things (still) to which we can hold on to. In my case, right now it’s about me learning Dutch, or doing simple things like helping out around the house, cleaning, doing the dishes, coloring with your nephews or nieces. Trust me, those small actions do help.

They help by making you feel useful. Like you’re part of something. That you’re contributing to something.

Hang on to those things.

That’s what I’m trying to accomplish today. Not feel sorry or sad or crappy about myself. And practising Dutch did help! Especially when I notice I’m doing a good job!!!! It feels SOOOOO GOOOD!


So, if you feel crappy today, try doing something nice for yourself, or for others. Bake cupcakes or read a book you know you love. Watch a movie that moves you. Spend time with the people you love.

There is light even in the darkest of places.

(And in you don’t believe me just GOOGLE: deep sea creatures that light up) hehehehe

With love,



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