I like to think there are inspiring people everywhere

. In this post I’m writing about one of those.

Have you ever known inspiring people?

And I’m not talking about “unreachable” humans like Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama. I’m talking about everyday regular people. A neighbor, a woman you saw once or twice, a family member or a friend.

A very good old friend ask me to go to the beach with him and his girlfriend the other day. This friend is one of these people. One of these humans that are out there and dance at their own beat and sing at their own tune. One of those dreamers and doers and believers.

He is an inspiring person in my book. Because he had the courage to go out there and live his dream. Do what he loves to do in life and be a good person along the way. He lives life as he sees fit and makes no apologies.

Surrounding yourself with these humans it’s inspiring. They make you open your eyes to the possibilities and the unknown. They make you break your wall or at least open the window to see what’s out there. That there is in fact more out there.

So tonight I give you this: Open your eyes and learn to recognize the inspiring people around you. Trust me, they’re there. Learn to see them.

With love,



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