LDR is a B!

These past few days have been hard. Not gonna lie about it.

I believe there comes a time in every long distance relationship where one of the partners feels like it’s been long enough.

Enough time apart. Enough uncertainty. Enough wondering. Enough distance.

I felt that I couldn’t do it anymore.

And then I breathed and realize I was acting like a coward.

I wanted the easy way out.

Which makes me wonder. How do you LDR couples out there deal with this? It’s not easy, everybody “knows” that going in, but nobody understands it until they’re faced with how it feels and what it’s like to live it.

How do you all do it?

Needless to say, things are OK(ish) now with Boo and I. At least we’re still trying to fight for us.

It felt like this:

With love,



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