Day 4: 30 Day LDR Challenge

How did we meet?

Hey  there, I’m not sure if I already talked about this somewhere but I will tell the story again if I did.

Your first must know that visit Sweden had been my dream for quite a few years by then.

We met in 2014 when I went to Sweden for a research internship as part of my postgraduate studies. One week before my booked flight, I still had no clue where I’d be staying. Until my foreign advisor offered me a room to rent at his Dutch friend’s house. So, I had one week to prepare myself mentally to live with a family and rent a room with them.

I still remember flying over Sweden in complete awe that I had the guts to fly across the world to live in a new continent with strangers. That was the first time I felt a hint of fear inside in the whole internship abroad process.

Anyways, I can still close my eyes and see him walking outside his house to greet me. Yeap, that was his house! or his parent’s house more specifically. Isn’t it cool that he can ACTUALLY say that love came knocking on his door? hahahah I think so!

And from the get go we clicked, we went on walks, we had dinner together (with his family) pretty much every day, we watched movies, he took me sightseeign. Those were the best 3 months EVER!

So yeah, now you now how we met. I love our story. Truly not a very usual one. What do you think?

With love,



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