There will be times in life when you’ll feel like you want to give up.


Because giving up is the easiest way out.

Although, if you’re lucky, there will come that time when you feel brave enough to take a chance and step out of your comfort zone. (First step in the right direction if you ask me).

However, despite the fact that you’re feeling better for being in a “new place” in your life and you’re working towards what you want; there will be those moments in the day when you will feel judged. Doubtful. Unintelligent.

Judged because: “you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do”.. Because you’re not working where “YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO WORK”…

Doubtful because: Have you made the right desitions in your life? Why are you here and not there?

Unintelligent because: you have these thoughts even when you KNOW that YOUR HAPPINESS is what’s important and if this is going to lead you to more happiness, then why question it? Live it. Experience it. Learn from it. Take what is good and drop what is bad. Keep going. Always.

With love,



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