Day 7: 30 Day LDR Challenge

Thank God for the Internet!!!!!

I cannot stress this enough. Seriously though, the wonders of the internet allows us and all other LDR couples to succeed. We communicate everyday using Whatsapp. When we can, we Skype. Sometimes we Viber. And other times we Rabbit heheh.

This amazing website: Rabbit is the perfect place to have an “online date”. You can choose from several places to stream movies with your special someone and you can both watch it AT THE SAME TIME! This was mind blowing to me when I first found out 🙂 I promise you, just pour yourself a glass of wine, soda, tea or plain water; grab a bowl of chips and enjoy yourself.

Nowadays we are so blessed to have so many tools at our disposal to connect with people and make them feel how much we love them.

Make someone feel special today. You will like it, I promise.

With love,



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