Day 8: 30 Day LDR Challenge

Hello beautiful people!

The next question in this Long Distance Relationship Challenge is “What is the favorite thing I’ve giving him?

To be perfectly honest I think it’s a video I made for him the first time we had to say goodbye to each other. I started it while I was still in Sweden and I kept adding pictures and ideas to it along the way. I did it using Movie Maker heheh It’s so cheesy it’s actually great! I used pictures of us and me alone that I knew he liked; romantic music to set the mood too of course. It’s very cute actually. But the main reason why I love that video is because of his reaction when he first saw it. I still remember him.

Gifts and tolkens of affection should never be measured in price tags or brands. It’s about the meaning behind it and the love or thought that we put in it. And most people, I believe, could use a hug or a smile so much more than a new pair of jeans. The human spirit is a frigile yet powerful thing.

Have a good one folks.

With love,



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