Inspiration everywhere

Have you ever had the sudden need to write what you’re thinking? Right now, this is that moment.

Today I decided to drive into town and go to the public library. Got my library card and started browsing through all the books and felt immediately inspired. I don’t know what it is about books. Maybe the endless possibilities and stories that are hidden behind those hard covers and paperbacks. All the secrets that can be discovered.

I chose two books. One by Paulo Coehlo and one by Oprah Winfrey. Coehlo’s one of my favorite authors to be honest, so that was a safe choice, but the one by Miss Winfrey simply spoke to me.

I got home not even half and hour ago and I started to read her book. And now, 10 minutes later I’m sitting here with this urge to write what I’m thinking. I love books that have that effect on me. Oh before I forget, the book’s called What I know for sure. I believe the reason why this book feels so personal after only 4 pages in, is because it’s about life lessons. And oh my I do know I’ve been having those a lot in the past few years.

Her words have me thinking about the choices I’ve made recently. How despite feeling like a failure, scared and hopeless, I still decided to dance. And looking back into that very recent desition, I can say with all my heart that I am extremely glad I did. Being here where I am today has helped me clear my head and realize how blessed I am for what I do have and accept the lessons that are given to me. If I hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t have this book in my hands, I wouldn’t have these beautiful sunsets and talks with my family. I wouldn’t feel so happy with these landscapes and nature scents.

But anyways, I’ll finish this blog post here and continue to see what this book has for me. Talk to you in the next one beautiful people!

With love,



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