Day 12: 30 Day LDR Challenge

How would I define love?

Love is the most powerful force that exists. It can drive you to do all the things you thought you’d never do. Remember those things that frightened you? If love is what is on the other side of that, you will do it regardless of what it’ll cost to you. Sometimes it can even cost you your principles and self love. I know that’s not good, but sometimes we can go that far to show someone how we feel. But this is a subject for another post.

Love can go wonders but it can also tear you apart. The good thing is, if it brings you to your knees it also has the unbelievable power to lift you up and take you higher than you ever dreamed of. Love is the strenght to get up and try again. To wake up in the morning with the will to try again today after you gave it your all the previous one. Love is everything.

I know that when I feel like I can’t go anymore, there’s still a quiet voice inside me that says ” yes you can, just breathe and try something different”. As I grow older I realize more and more how love is the greatest gift we have as human beings. How incredibly blessed we are to have the ability to feel love.

Even tonight as I’m writing this post, smelling the scent of a rainy day, I can feel the love around me. The beauty and magic of new begginings and endless possibilities. Love IS everywhere. We just have to open our eyes and our souls.

With love,



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