Another new adventure

Hello people out there! I want to talk about something different on this post. Because this is something very important for me:

Good, no not good, AMAZING Health.

I’ve been wanting to write about this new adventure I’m embarking on. No, it does not involve traveling, nor moving (just yet) or a new job. It is about the ever changing, constantly evolving process of self aware, mind and body health.

For a little over two years I have been struggling with rosacea. It started just before I went to sweden the first time and it progressed for the worse over the following months. The first thing I tried was, of course, a dermatologist. He immediately assured me I had rosacea and prescribed antibiotics, spot cream, heavy duty sunscreen and rosacea day cream. Long story short, nothing never made it go away.

As the time went on, I looked for natural remedies, different approaches for dealing with these issues, and bottom line was: There is NO CURE. Heartbreaking. Because as much as I am aware that it is something “superficial”; I could never explain what it’s like to have it. Always. No matter what. Not being able to feel comfortable in your own skin. What an awful idea.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a blog that mentioned the alkaline diet as a way of helping with rosacea. So I, of course, googled for hours about this new (to me) lifestyle. I found the book The pH Miracle Diet in my local library and checked it out the very next day.

I’m still reading it, because it’s FULL of amazing information that I want to fully understand. But just from reading the first 5 pages I was hooked! I decided to try it out. I mean, what’s the harm right?

I love cooking. Love traying new dishes and combinations. Love trying new things.

So now, I believe I’m finishing my second week with this new lifestyle and let me tell you I FEEL AMAZING! I started seeing results since day three of doing things differently. For example, I’ve been wanting to go out for morning walks for years now. I’ve tried it before but it never lasted. However, lately it is SO different. My body LITERALLY wakes me up in the morning, around 5:40-6:00 am. And I do mean wakes me up! I’m all ready for the day the minute my eyes are open. It is just wonderful. So I decided to start my day with a morning walk. I get to see the breathtaking sunrise as a wake up call. What a gift!

2016-04-28 06.43.10.jpg


Throughout the day I have more energy then ever before and my face is clearing up! I can see it already. It gives me hope that I’m doing what is right for me and my body and, as a plus, it’s giving me more self confidence 🙂

Seriously, living an alkalizing lifestyle is NOT a difficult thing. Cooking healthy and nutritious foods can be FUN! Make it fun! Experiment and be creative. I know I am trying to be hehehe… And it’s SOOOOO worth it!

So if in later posts you see my cooking inventions please, don’t judge  hehehe

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, checking out blogs, finding new recipes and just trying to be more educated on the subject.

This two websites are my favorite at the moment:

Live Energized

Alkaline Sisters

See you in my next one,

With love,



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