My views: Cowspiracy

I believe that things happen for a reason. The universe aligns and we get what we need out of it (if we are open to receive it).

Today I watched the documentary Cowspiracy and it reafirmed what I already thought and felt in my heart. For years and years I thought I shouldn’t be eating meat, yet deep down I never thought I could actually do it. Being from a heavily meat eating state in Mexico and being born in an carnivore family I assumed I could never do something like that. 

Watch Cowspiracy Trailer Here

Now, after starting on my journey with a new eating lifestyle as a solution for my rosacea, I stumble with this documentary. Coincidence? Not in my book!

Now, more than EVER, I am extremely happy to have taken the leap of not eating meats and dairy. This is not me writting to “convince” people or push my ideas on to you. This is me on my journey as you are on yours. Everyone has their own opinions and values. If you can AND more importantly, are open for it, watch Cowspiracy. At the least you will know a bit more information about the planet, agriculture, food industry, political secrecy and it’ll open your eyes to what is really happening in our world.

Stay healthy and beautiful, always!

With love,





2 thoughts on “My views: Cowspiracy

  1. Cowspiracy is such a great documentary. Particularly for people who still choose to be ignorant about what actually goes on in slaughterhouses, as this one does not contain any strong footage like you would normally find in such documentaries. There are so many great facts in there as well, like the number of gallons of water needed for one single cheeseburger! Great film.

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    1. It is really great! I especially liked how he really took a holistic perspective to present scientific facts, current business trends, climate discussion but also still bring it all together with the discussion on personal values.

      Thank you for our comment!!


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