Day 17: 30 Day LDR Challenge

Hi lovelies!

I am so happy to be doing this challenge again. It’s fun and easy breezy. Plus, it makes the distance between here and Sweden a bit closer which is always very much appreciated! For the longest time, I didn’t look at the distance between Mexico and Sweden. I didn’t want the literal image of the distance between us to make him feel further away from me.

I realize now how silly that was. The first time I looked at it I felt sad. However, I was surprised by the emotion that came over me immediately after. I felt joy inside me.

A little light from within was lit because I knew that even though the distance is vast, he always feels closer to me. No matter what. He has always felt close to my heart.

Cheesy right?! I know. But it’s very true.

Anyhow, going back to the Challenge. Today’s question is:

What is our favorite love (LDR or not) quote?

I would be misleading you guys if I told you that we have one. We don’t. Maybe because we like so many of them. We love finding little pieces of inspiration everywhere and we both love to read so it makes for a great combo to find amazing quotes. So I will tell you my own personal favorite quote:

What if I fall?

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?

  • E.H

It touches a special place inside me every time I read it. It ignites something that I know drives me to do what I truly love and want in life.

That is why I love it so much.

I hope you do too.


With love,



Day 16: 30 Day LDR Challenge

Let’s go at it again!

I’ll start the 30 day LDR challenge where I left off last time woops! my bad.. I know I failed the first time but thank God for second chances 🙂

This is Day 16: Favorite love, LDR or not, movie.

Wow. This is a hard one because Mr. Boy and I are big movie fans. We watch so many movies so it’s kind of hard to narrow it down to only one. With that said I think we have a couple that make the cut.

You see I love british movies. Especially a good english chick flick. Here are a few of those that make the cut for us (at least for me *_*):




The first two are my favs but Love Actually is his favorite of the cheesy girly ones hehe…

There ya go, what are your favorite cuddle up and relax date movies?

With love,




Goodbyes are never easy.

We’ve said goodbye many times now.

Too many to even remember.

For a dream we could touch for a moment.

A dream blown away by boarders.

It is never easy to see you go. 

Though we know this is not forever.

Though we know this is “see you later”.

It hurts.

It breaks our hearts.

Love is not meant to be contained or restricted.

Love hurts when it cannot be free.

So, until next time my love.

Until the wind brings our dream back to us and our love can finally be free.

I love you here, I love you there, I love you everywhere.

With love,


Travel diary + family

Hello beautiful,

I left Mazatlán today. So sad. But kinda relieved. It was so hot & humid today over there. Mr boyfriend and I went to the aquarium before we left and let me tell you, it’s very nice! Despite the extreme weather conditions of the day. Very worth it. 

We visited the fishies, reptiles, birds and other amazing animals. Because it’s not just an aquarium. It also has other groups of animals to admire.

Anyway, after leaving the aquarium I started thinking about the time spent in Mazatlán. A bunch of my family members were there and it was awesome. You know how our brain jumps from one topic to the next? Yeah. This is that moment. As a post.

Having my boyfriend here to spend time with me has really made me look at my world through his eyes. Watch the events in front of me unfold with a different thought process.

We mexicans can be many things, but never uninviting. I am so lucky to have such a loving family that warms mine and his heart with various tolkens of affection. From a lunch invitation, to a special get together just ’cause he’s in town. To a heart to heart about me and him with my uncle and cousins. It truly is marvelous.

Never forget to see what’s around you. Truly see it. Feel it in your bones. Experience your life. But keep your most precious gifts close to your heart. – Ale V.

With love, 


Travel diary: Mazatlán, México

Hey there!

I’m laying down here at my hotel room typing this blog in my phone at 1:30 am on a monday during a vacay with my family, so excuse me if I mess up 😋

I just had to write a post about this beautiful city right when inspiration strikes.. Mazatlán.. with a gorgeous boardwalk, strong waves, pretty clouds, nice people, yummi food and good music..

I’ll show you some pictures here about this trip because it just lights something inside that tells me to spread the love about this city. Located in the west coast of Mexico, Pacific Ocean baby! Right on the state of Sinaloa.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

My gorgeous flag waving in all its glory here in the heart of Mazatlán.

I just love to wander in different places and finds hidden gems along the way. We stumbled upon the coolest sea water pool in the history of mankind. Ok ok, the only one I’ve ever seen anyway. Such an awesome adventure to wrestle the waves and hang out with the locals. 

There’s something magical about seeing strong waves crash against the rocks and the beautiful foam they leave behind.. it’s truly poetic.

Sunsets in the north of Mexico are just breathtaking. Something special to see. Make the most of them though cause they happen fast 😄

If you ever have the chance to visit, please do. You will not regret it. Be warn that is super mega humid and kinda hot so take caution hehehe

With love, 


All photo credits to me.. Copyrights please people 🙂

My favorite healthy dishes

Hello beautiful people!

After yesterday’s post I decided to focus on what I do love about good healthy choices, so I’m showing you some of my favorite dishes.

Welcome to a new day in my life. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been so busy running around chasing this dream of mine, that I haven’t really had time to fully commit myself to writing. This is me trying to hehe. Because I like to write. Especially when it comes to the things that make me happy. And let me tell you, lately I have been giving SO many chances to be happy that my cheeks are tired from all the smiling.

But as usual I’m moving away from what I want to write. What inspires me about a healthier lifestyle is the beautiful colors that are created with each dish. It truly is like a work of art in a way. I love its beauty, colors, benefits, how healthy it is and of course how good it tastes. So here they are:

2016-05-29 11.23.16

Mexican squash noodles with tomato, basil, onion “sauce”, extra virgen olive oil and broccoli sprouts

2016-05-19 08.23.57

Homemade granola… still drooling sorry heheh. It has oats, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, almond butter and a bit of raw honey. Recipe credit form this lovely lady: HealthNut Nutrition


Orange peppers stuffed with chickpea and fresh veggies mash

2016-06-21 21.01.33-2

My version of tostadas using black bean hummus, cucumbers, spinach and avocado on a baked sprouted grain tortilla


Gluten free pasta with sauteed veggies and a side of chickpea/spinach mash


Mexican squash noodles with beet sauce

These are just a few. Sorry for the picture quality. I promise I will get better!

Have a good one people.

With love,


Giving it a second thought

Hello there reader,

I’ve been hesitant about writing this post because it kind of contradicts what I said in my last blog about rosacea and the alkaline diet. Many things have happened since that post. I came back to Mexico, I went to Mexico city to the Swedish Embassy as part of my whole migration process (YAY!!!!) and my boyfriend came to visit me to spend the summer with me.. So yeah, things can get pretty out of hand with everything that’s happening in my life. And sometimes, circumstances don’t present opportunities to make good and healthy food choices.

2016-05-30 15.50.02.jpg

Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de Mexico

2016-06-22 13.01.08.jpgTogether once again!

On top of that, I’ve been in a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts and adventures with myself, my family/friends and my boyfriend. It’s amazing having him with me once again. But again, eating the healthiest does not become a priority in such cases. We’re both trying our best to make smart choices when it comes to food (most of the time), because I know first hand what it can do when I do it right. However, there’s a part of me that’s conflicted with the whole giving up almost everything that means so much to me. The small things in life that matter to me. I’m a foodie, what can I say?

I guess this post is about just that. Trying to figure out where the balance is. The balance between happiness and health. I said it, happiness. Because food and everyday rituals have that power. At least in my life.

For instance and first of the list: coffee. For years now, I’ve considered a morning cup of coffee like ONE OF the greatest pleasures in my life. There’s something special about it. Its smell, darkness and flavour. Needless to say, I used to drink mine black with no sugar added (That’s how much I love coffee!).

Secondly, alcohol. White wine in particular. For me, white wine is one of those things that completes a nice relaxing evening in. Watching a movie with a snack and a chilled glass of white wine…yuuummm. Oh! man those were the days…

To sum up, those two are included in every top 5 list of foods to avoid when you suffer from rosacea *heart shatters*

Because of that reason, and others I tried going all out with my eating habits and change them completely. I took all the recommendations, supplements, new foods and left out every single food/habit that “isn’t good” and incorporated what is good. Conclusion: it is not impossible. However, it gets tricky and complicated when I start having those quiet evenings or pampering sessions and all I can think of to top it all off is that glass of wine. Or when I’m out exploring a new town or having breakfast in a new place and I can smell the scent of fresh brewed coffee. It feels more like a heavy burden than an improved health matter.

It’s not about the cookies and cakes and sugar. It is not about doing it all the time and going crazy. It is only about those sparsely distributed underrated doses of happiness that brighten my day.  

What’s life about then? Is it not about enjoying it every chance you get? Even with the tiny details? I don’t like thinking that I’m depriving myself from the simple beauties and indulgences of life. Makes me sad to a certain extent. The more one reads and learns, the more complicated life gets.

What do you think? Tell me…

With love,