Giving it a second thought

Hello there reader,

I’ve been hesitant about writing this post because it kind of contradicts what I said in my last blog about rosacea and the alkaline diet. Many things have happened since that post. I came back to Mexico, I went to Mexico city to the Swedish Embassy as part of my whole migration process (YAY!!!!) and my boyfriend came to visit me to spend the summer with me.. So yeah, things can get pretty out of hand with everything that’s happening in my life. And sometimes, circumstances don’t present opportunities to make good and healthy food choices.

2016-05-30 15.50.02.jpg

Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de Mexico

2016-06-22 13.01.08.jpgTogether once again!

On top of that, I’ve been in a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts and adventures with myself, my family/friends and my boyfriend. It’s amazing having him with me once again. But again, eating the healthiest does not become a priority in such cases. We’re both trying our best to make smart choices when it comes to food (most of the time), because I know first hand what it can do when I do it right. However, there’s a part of me that’s conflicted with the whole giving up almost everything that means so much to me. The small things in life that matter to me. I’m a foodie, what can I say?

I guess this post is about just that. Trying to figure out where the balance is. The balance between happiness and health. I said it, happiness. Because food and everyday rituals have that power. At least in my life.

For instance and first of the list: coffee. For years now, I’ve considered a morning cup of coffee like ONE OF the greatest pleasures in my life. There’s something special about it. Its smell, darkness and flavour. Needless to say, I used to drink mine black with no sugar added (That’s how much I love coffee!).

Secondly, alcohol. White wine in particular. For me, white wine is one of those things that completes a nice relaxing evening in. Watching a movie with a snack and a chilled glass of white wine…yuuummm. Oh! man those were the days…

To sum up, those two are included in every top 5 list of foods to avoid when you suffer from rosacea *heart shatters*

Because of that reason, and others I tried going all out with my eating habits and change them completely. I took all the recommendations, supplements, new foods and left out every single food/habit that “isn’t good” and incorporated what is good. Conclusion: it is not impossible. However, it gets tricky and complicated when I start having those quiet evenings or pampering sessions and all I can think of to top it all off is that glass of wine. Or when I’m out exploring a new town or having breakfast in a new place and I can smell the scent of fresh brewed coffee. It feels more like a heavy burden than an improved health matter.

It’s not about the cookies and cakes and sugar. It is not about doing it all the time and going crazy. It is only about those sparsely distributed underrated doses of happiness that brighten my day.  

What’s life about then? Is it not about enjoying it every chance you get? Even with the tiny details? I don’t like thinking that I’m depriving myself from the simple beauties and indulgences of life. Makes me sad to a certain extent. The more one reads and learns, the more complicated life gets.

What do you think? Tell me…

With love,



3 thoughts on “Giving it a second thought

  1. I could be wrong but giving up those things like the coffee and wine for health reasons are steps towards happiness ultimately. Take a moment to look at it this way. If you decide to indulge your sporadic cravings later the combined effect can have a greater negative impact on your life, eg falling ill than the shorter pleasure it provides. Being happy to me is a state…..not strings of moments.


    1. Thank you for your comment! It really gives me a different outlook on what I consider to be the only way. Sometimes, I get extremely caught up in my own “troubles” that I forget to see the bigger picture. Cause you’re right! It’s not about tiny moments here and there. I think it’s about finding it in every single moment. One way or another. Even in the darkest of times. Cause nobody is 100% bursting with happiness all the time. And for those moments when it kind of fades, I like these bits of extra joy. 🙂

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