My favorite healthy dishes

Hello beautiful people!

After yesterday’s post I decided to focus on what I do love about good healthy choices, so I’m showing you some of my favorite dishes.

Welcome to a new day in my life. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been so busy running around chasing this dream of mine, that I haven’t really had time to fully commit myself to writing. This is me trying to hehe. Because I like to write. Especially when it comes to the things that make me happy. And let me tell you, lately I have been giving SO many chances to be happy that my cheeks are tired from all the smiling.

But as usual I’m moving away from what I want to write. What inspires me about a healthier lifestyle is the beautiful colors that are created with each dish. It truly is like a work of art in a way. I love its beauty, colors, benefits, how healthy it is and of course how good it tastes. So here they are:

2016-05-29 11.23.16

Mexican squash noodles with tomato, basil, onion “sauce”, extra virgen olive oil and broccoli sprouts

2016-05-19 08.23.57

Homemade granola… still drooling sorry heheh. It has oats, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, almond butter and a bit of raw honey. Recipe credit form this lovely lady: HealthNut Nutrition


Orange peppers stuffed with chickpea and fresh veggies mash

2016-06-21 21.01.33-2

My version of tostadas using black bean hummus, cucumbers, spinach and avocado on a baked sprouted grain tortilla


Gluten free pasta with sauteed veggies and a side of chickpea/spinach mash


Mexican squash noodles with beet sauce

These are just a few. Sorry for the picture quality. I promise I will get better!

Have a good one people.

With love,



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