Travel diary: Mazatlán, México

Hey there!

I’m laying down here at my hotel room typing this blog in my phone at 1:30 am on a monday during a vacay with my family, so excuse me if I mess up 😋

I just had to write a post about this beautiful city right when inspiration strikes.. Mazatlán.. with a gorgeous boardwalk, strong waves, pretty clouds, nice people, yummi food and good music..

I’ll show you some pictures here about this trip because it just lights something inside that tells me to spread the love about this city. Located in the west coast of Mexico, Pacific Ocean baby! Right on the state of Sinaloa.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

My gorgeous flag waving in all its glory here in the heart of Mazatlán.

I just love to wander in different places and finds hidden gems along the way. We stumbled upon the coolest sea water pool in the history of mankind. Ok ok, the only one I’ve ever seen anyway. Such an awesome adventure to wrestle the waves and hang out with the locals. 

There’s something magical about seeing strong waves crash against the rocks and the beautiful foam they leave behind.. it’s truly poetic.

Sunsets in the north of Mexico are just breathtaking. Something special to see. Make the most of them though cause they happen fast 😄

If you ever have the chance to visit, please do. You will not regret it. Be warn that is super mega humid and kinda hot so take caution hehehe

With love, 


All photo credits to me.. Copyrights please people 🙂


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