Travel diary + family

Hello beautiful,

I left Mazatlán today. So sad. But kinda relieved. It was so hot & humid today over there. Mr boyfriend and I went to the aquarium before we left and let me tell you, it’s very nice! Despite the extreme weather conditions of the day. Very worth it. 

We visited the fishies, reptiles, birds and other amazing animals. Because it’s not just an aquarium. It also has other groups of animals to admire.

Anyway, after leaving the aquarium I started thinking about the time spent in Mazatlán. A bunch of my family members were there and it was awesome. You know how our brain jumps from one topic to the next? Yeah. This is that moment. As a post.

Having my boyfriend here to spend time with me has really made me look at my world through his eyes. Watch the events in front of me unfold with a different thought process.

We mexicans can be many things, but never uninviting. I am so lucky to have such a loving family that warms mine and his heart with various tolkens of affection. From a lunch invitation, to a special get together just ’cause he’s in town. To a heart to heart about me and him with my uncle and cousins. It truly is marvelous.

Never forget to see what’s around you. Truly see it. Feel it in your bones. Experience your life. But keep your most precious gifts close to your heart. – Ale V.

With love, 



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