Travel Diary: Bacanora, Sonora

You know those feelings you get when you are in a beautiful place?





For me, such a place is this: a place filled with trees green as an emerald; flowers as colorful as a rainbow; and clouds fluffy as cotton candy.

This last weekend I went on a roadtrip with my family to a small town called Bacanora in Sonora. This place is very special to me because is where my “Nana” was born. (Nana in this case refers to Grandma).


Bacanora is a very small town settled in the mountains of Sonora. Summer time gives way to the rain season in Sonora which makes this time of year extra special to visit.


It makes the landscape full of beautiful palo verde trees, green cotton fruits still hanging from the branches, the torotes’ stem shining in the sunlight, and many other regional species sprouting with life. It’s quite a sight to see.



Every morning represented a wonderful array of clouds taunting the mountains and dancing in the sky. Moving to the music of the wind. So low we could almost touch them.

Thus, here, today in this place I feel whole.

I feel conected to something bigger than me and more powerful that anything.

It feels like home.


This is one of my happy places in the world.


Do you know yours?… How is it?


PS: I found this little guy in here so I naturally thought I should take a picture. Isn’t he precious?

With love,



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