Day 19: 30 Day LDR Challenge

I miss my boyfriend.

As obvious as that statement is I feel the urge to write it anyway.

One of the many attributes Mr. Boy has is his ability for languages. He is so darn good at them! I am jelly! He speaks three and one quarter languages. I count Spanish as one quarter of the way because I got a chance to see him juggle his newly gain spanish words this last visit to Mexico and let me tell you, He’s gotten very very good at it!

On the other hand, this experience gave me another chance to see how mexican culture is when it comes to speaking a second language. For some unexplicable reason we tend to freak out when it comes to do it. We hate it. We feel immediately embarrased by it. We panic at the mere mention. All in all I would say, from my experience, we don’t really like it that much. Oh and just to make it clearer, I say we because I am too a mexican but not because I share that mentality. I actually love languages. They’re intriguing to me. They are actually sexy *-*

With that said, I can now answer the next question for this LDR challenge. My favorite things to hear him say is whatever just as long as it is in Dutch.


It is!!! I think so anyway. There’s something rough and mean about it, so maybe that’s my thing LOL. TMI. And the weirdest thing is that I also love hearing him speak Swedish, English or Spanish; BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME as Dutch. That one is special for me. Well folks that’s my answer. Do you like languages? Which is your favorite one?

With love,



15 thoughts on “Day 19: 30 Day LDR Challenge

      1. Never! I want to though so bad hehe Since he’s in Sweden I visit him there 😋 however we do have plans for next year involving us, a boat and the NL =D… so lucky you’re going!! Post pics girl xD


      2. That sounds incredible!!! How long have him and his family been in Sweden? Btw I never asked, you’re trying to get residency in Sweden yes? And I will!!! 😄 He wants to go to a dutch store this weekend and make stompott for dinner so ill be doing a post on that this weekend! (Close enough to Holland for now haha)

        Right now gotta save up the money haha plane tickets from Canada to Amsterdam aren’t cheap 😢

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      3. I know! Stupid flight rates hehe yes I want to live in Sweden 😀 they’ve been there for around 6 years.. cool! I can’t wait to read all about it 😊


      4. Awesome!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve never been but I have a few friends from school that are Swedish, they live in or near there I think 🙂 Are you finished school, and working? Or waiting for a work permit in Sweden ?


      1. Oh man, yeah. We are in the middle of that too, its probably the worst thing I’ve ever gone through, so unbelievably stressful, I’m canadian. His current permit ends this month so he’ll go back soon and then we will be LD, which is gonna be crazy hard but I’m gonna visit in the fall after a month or two hopefully

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      2. So you understand this whole thing girl.. it is terrible but it does make you truly appreciate EVERYTHING about the two of you that much more. True love truly wins in the end ❤

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      3. I really hope so, and yes if anyone does I do! Honestly it’s such a relief finding someone in the same kind of situation, it’s very isolating bc not many people in my life can relate (or any really haha). It’s definitely made me realize how much I love him, bc I’m fighting so hard for us through the permit paperwork, it’s going to be hard when he goes back but I really have to believe it’s going to work out in the end

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      4. It makes you realize how much he’s worth as a person and a partner. If you love each other you’ll get through it all. Its not easy breezy all the time but you get through. I have faith in you and in love. Make the most of when you’re together 🙂


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