A hidden connection

Hey guys!

The weirdest thing happened the other day. Do you believe in soul mates? Not talking about romance, love & wedding bell soulmates. I’m talking about those people you encounter. People you find while walking the streets of life. A person with whom you have a random talk with. Someone with whom you share a moment. Someone that opens your eyes in a strange and unique way, allowing you to see a lot of yourself in that person. In that moment, something happens that makes you think about how nothing is random in life.

2015-12-27 18.43.23

This may sound odd for some people if you’ve never experienced such a thing. But I got to say, it is quite beautiful. Let me elaborate on that. It has beauty because it allows people to realize how truly connected we are as human beings. We are not different, we are all the same. Regardless of how close you are. Age differences. Social background. Etc. When you’re sitting there, having a cup of coffee, talking about the things you love, what moves you, what scares you, motivates you, lifts you up or brings you down. In the end, you connect with another person. It’s priceless.

I started thinking about this after a morning coffee date with a friend. A beautiful soul I know from not too long ago. It was the weirdest thing listening to her words about the struggles she’s had, her fears, even the beams of light she finds in her everyday life. It was weird because I never met anyone else that experienced life the way she does, which is pretty close to what I do. Moreover, we are going though similar circumstances at the moment which of course is the perfect background for all the rest.

The point of today’s post was to remind me that I am not alone in my struggles and there is always someone out there for me to connect. So keep your eyes of the soul open and your heart willing to find wonders everywhere.

Thanks for the talk my friend!

With love,



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