A visit to the park

Today I was walking home from the gym in one of those wonderful post workout highs. It was such a good burn today, I really enjoyed it. We did kickboxing and I did a lot of sweatin’ but hey, that’s the point right?

Anyways, it was such a gorgeous afternoon! I looked up at the sky and the most amazing cloud was bright and shiny above me. Here’s the picture I took with my phone. Not the greatest one, excuse the million cables and wires around it please, I did my best with what I had at the time. I had to capture it immediately!

 That sight really made me think about my blessing and the beauty around me. So, I decided to stop at the park and just walk around there. Look at the kids playing, the moms looking after them and the birds flying above all of us. I decided to keep walking to a different park, the one closer to my house, and while there I went on a swing ride. It felt like the perfect way to end my afternoon!!! It cleared my mind and made me focus on nothing but positive things! I kept having a goofy smile on my face for no particular reason. The trees looked prettier and everything around me was just magical. Seriously!

If I leave you with something good for today let it be this piece of advice. Go out, exercise and move your body. Then, go to your nearest park and go on the swings. Smile for no particular reason. Take long swings and pretend you’re a kid with nothing to worry about. Look up at the sky while you do it and truly enjoy the view.

With love,



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