LDR struggles

Today is a difficult day for me to be in a LDR. For some of you couples out there, you understand how painful it can be. To be completely honest, it’s not difficult all the time. Some days though, it can be brutal. Today is one of those days for me.

I’m sitting here in my room trying to bring myself to feel joy and happiness without him close to me, but I just can’t. I miss him too much. I miss him to the point where I’m really close to start thinking about why we do this to ourselves. But I won’t. I refuse to. Instead, I create amazing scenarios in my head about what our future together will be like. Simple everyday things like going for a walk in the woods. Grocery shopping at ICA. Bike rides alongside the roads. Sitting in the couch while the rain softly falls on the plants outside our window. Drinking hot tea and eating a biscuit. Cuddling together in the soft glimmer of candlelight. Yeah, I miss him very much.

It will never be an easy task to love someone from a distance. It is, for me, a circumstance that I accept for the man I love. For the love I feel. For what I want. I embrace it because right now there are no other paths I can follow. It is as if we’re on hold. Waiting for something that will clear the road for us to walk on.

2015-08-13 17.51.26

I try to focus on that road and the cleared path that’ll be in front of us once we’re there. It helps. Because not all is lost. There is still hope for us, for our love.

To you fellow LDRers, stay focused on that beauty you’re trying to catch. If your heart truly beats for it, then you will master a way to be OK with what you have to go through to get to it. Love is magical. It has no explanation. We merely have to feel it. And when the love you feel is strong enough, it is worth fighting for. With everything you have.

With love,




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