Family affairs

Alcohol consumption.

Could we please have a conversation about this topic?

I have come to realize, as an adult, that in my family it is inconceivable, even laughable for some, to have a family get together, party or a celebration, without drinking alcohol.

Granted, it is never to the point where people cannot keep their balance or a proper conversation. Nevertheless, it does make me wonder about the message this practice sends to the kids in the family. Regardless of the fact that I do not have kids, I am still concerned for kids going through life getting those messages constantly.

A message that beer is an essential part of a celebration. A message that beer is a typical word for them to use.

Personally, I do not want my kids, future kids, to make that word part of their vocabulary. I would like to provide something different. I still don’t quite know how to put it into words. All I know is that I think about how they are going to see me and I want a different context.

However, I am also aware there is not a set of steps to follow to become a “good parent”. There is no SURE PATH, ONE WAY to be a good parent. I merely pray to be the best version of me when that time comes.

On the other hand, it saddens me every single time when I try and touch the subject with some of my family members because I am perceived as ridiculous. People roll their eyes and that is the end of the conversation. Turn around, walk away.

Where is open mindedness?

Where is understanding?

And in all of this I wonder…

Am I being ridiculous?

Am I lacking an open mind?

Am I not being sympathetic?

I do not believe in pointing fingers without taking a look at my own life first. Without evaluating how I am. Because if you don’t, you become the problem or part of it as well.


In the end, my conclusion is to take the good from the situation. Which is plenty as it is. As for the actions I don’t embrace, just accept that I will do something when my time comes. We all have our paths in life, and it is not my place to lead someone else’s to my own.

Have a wonderful, safe and blessed day you beautiful person reading this.

With love,


NOTE: This post is not about judgement on anyone. I want to make it very clear. It is about expressing my point of view on a circumstance that I see and/or experience.

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