One more year, what a gift!

Today is the eve of my birthday. For the past few days I’ve been getting caught up in a sort of daze about my life because of this matter. It is funny to think how much I grew in the course of one year. It was not an easy year for me, far from it, thus leading me to self-awareness and growth. I believe in looking at the bright side of things. Finding beauty in random places and thinking the best of a circumstance. However, there are days with dimmer light than others.

Today I am thinking of my life. Where I am, what I’ve done. The choices I’ve made and how they have led me to this place in this moment. I am in a pensive state. The results of an upcoming birthday and getting older. Life is viewed so differently as you get older. It is wonderfully complex.

Looking back at the last year of my life, I see mainly hope and love. My year started with an idea of writing a new chapter with Him in Sweden. Life happened and now here I am, across the Atlantic, many kilometers away from all of that. Knowing, though, that my dreams are coming towards me. It is just a lesson of patience and perseverance. One I needed to learn.

This year I am filled with a heartwarming sense of gratitude. I know I am never alone because God always has my back. It’s an amazing feeling.

I start this next year of my life knowing I am more patient. That shit happens and it’s up to you to choose how to take it in. Even though shitty things happen in life, IT DOES NOT MEAN life is shitty. Deal with it. This is my story and I choose the words to write in it.


So be careful with your storyline, you only get one book to write. One life.

Have a wonderful and blessed week.

With love,



2 thoughts on “One more year, what a gift!

    1. Thank you so much! I view it as an everyday action. As we live, we have the choice to act or quit everytime something happens to us. This to me is what a storyline really is. The context, that’s up to a higher power:)

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