Things I love about autumn

Autumn?! Say what?!?!

What do you know? It’s fall time in Northern Mexico as well!!!!

I am very excited about this wonderful season because it is unbelievable how much the weather changes here in my town. Plus, it is NOT a given that we can actually experience “AUTUMN” here so, it is a big deal. At least for me and some people I know.

I love waking up in the morning, going outside, look up and seeing high and bright clouds gracing the sky. There is something marvelous about closing my eyes and breath it in. Oh fall. How I miss thee. It is truly magical.

To commemorate the ocassion, I decided to drive to the local baseball stadium to take some pictures of the afternoon sun and the gorgeous and unique desert flora. I love going there and experience the stillness. Driving alone and choosing a spot to park, walk a bit and take some shots. Embracing the peace and quiet. Here are some of the photos I took, I hope you like them.









With love,



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