Things I love about winter baseball

I once read on a blog post something about my home town that turned on a light bulb in my head. The girl said that here in the city I live in we only have two seasons: summer and baseball. It is so true! and it’s weird that I had never considered that before reading about it on someone else’s post.


We do have basically a 10 month long summer here in a city in northern Mexico, we also have a rather nice and breeze month and another slighty colder one. The catch is what happens during those two nice weather months. Baseball!!! Oh yeah. I come from a very, very baseball driven family. My dad started playing ball when he was around 6 years old and he still plays with the older guys till this day. He loves the sport. I have cousins, sisters and nephews that play it as well, which makes it sort of a family event every time a big game is played. My sister even works for the franchise. You get the idea I hope.

I wanted to write about it because I love the idea that the people from here connect with each other through baseball. No matter who you are in the city, come opening night you want to be at the stadium watching the fireworks. They hit a homerun this year, it was truly magical.

I love the atmosphere at the games, the shouting when they hit the ball or score a run. The vendors everywhere are a bit annoying but neccesary. I have accepted them by now. I love the kids and babys wearing the team’s emblems and how green the grass looks on the field. Last, but by no means least, I love the players. It is something special to see them in action. Running for the base, hitting the ball and trying to catch those seemingly impossible hits.

There you have it folks, I hope you give baseball a chance. If it isn’t for you oh well. There are always more options out there. As for me, take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd…


With love,



Things I love about autumn

Autumn?! Say what?!?!

What do you know? It’s fall time in Northern Mexico as well!!!!

I am very excited about this wonderful season because it is unbelievable how much the weather changes here in my town. Plus, it is NOT a given that we can actually experience “AUTUMN” here so, it is a big deal. At least for me and some people I know.

I love waking up in the morning, going outside, look up and seeing high and bright clouds gracing the sky. There is something marvelous about closing my eyes and breath it in. Oh fall. How I miss thee. It is truly magical.

To commemorate the ocassion, I decided to drive to the local baseball stadium to take some pictures of the afternoon sun and the gorgeous and unique desert flora. I love going there and experience the stillness. Driving alone and choosing a spot to park, walk a bit and take some shots. Embracing the peace and quiet. Here are some of the photos I took, I hope you like them.









With love,


Afternoon walks

Today I went out for a walk. I love walks. Especially when the weather is cooperating and I can enjoy the sun in the horizon, the beautiful clouds in the sky and I people sitting outside of their homes, having a cup of coffee and talking. Seeing kids play in the park, couples hanging out and others exercising and enjoying the afternoon. I just love it. It’s the perfect excuse to appreciate your surroundings and connect to random people in the streets.

Like me today! I got to talk to another fellow dog owner who was walking his doggie, I said hi to a bunch of people walking by me and my dog and all of it with a smile on their faces. It’s nice to feel like it’s not just you out there.

One of my favorite activities to do with my boyfriend is walking. ESPECIALLY in SWEDEN. My God! Walks there are on another level. Going from basically the desert, where there is only a few days of rain in the year to a gorgeous tree covered country filled with lakes everywhere it’s MAGICAL. Every time we went out for a walk during my visits there, we saw deer. Every. Single. Time. That for me is pretty magical!! Growing up with the Disney movie Bambi as one of my favorites you can only imagine hehehe…

2015-07-22 16.04.53-1

I miss those walks. Even walking beside him here, in my Mexico, I miss them. Which is why I got inspired to write this. In order to send it to the universe.

Dear Universe, I want to go walking/hiking in Sweden. Please, allow that to happen for us as soon as possible. PS: I promise I will always be grateful and I shall respect nature and all the animals I encounter. Thanks in advance, Ale.


Ok, now that I got that out my chest. Back to the talk. One of the happy aspects about being in a LDR is the fact that you get a chance to imagine many wonderful things. You get to hope and dream about the next adventure together and you get to make it a reality when you truly go after it. I love that too. Making my dreams, even the simplest ones, come true.

This post turned out to be very rambly but hopefully inspirational for my fellow LDR couples out there. Not every couple knows what it means to be apart from the person you love, so let’s stick together and share our journey through the cyber world. What do you look forward to do with your other half?

With love,


3 Things I love about my México

Today I decided to write about a very special topic: my country.

I know there are tons of negatives we can say about Mexico. The first thing that comes to the minds of foreigners when they hear Mexico is drugs. I don’t want to address that topic because it can go on forever. Instead, I want to focus on the good parts. The wonderful and special attributes that make this country so amazing.

To start this conversation, I want to say that after being part of a long distance relationship with someone from a different country has opened my eyes in a whole new way. It allowed me to see myself and my surroundings with a new light and I can appreciate more the traditions and customs of my people.


The urge of writing about this happened during Sunday service. It was almost the end of the mass when the priest asked a couple with a newborn baby to go to the altar with him. You see in Mexico, it is customary that when you have a baby you go and present him/her to God. You go to church to have the baby blessed by the priest for good health and life. This simple act, I love. And it is connected with many more traditional rituals in Mexico. All of which are part of our spiritual development and growth. For me, SPIRITUALITY is as important as breathing.

I love being from a country where being spiritual actually means something. Where people believe in something bigger and more mighty then pure randomness. Mexico is a very big catholic country and every time I see people worship their beliefs I feel a tingle inside and it gives me happiness. (Please Note: this is not meant to open a fight about personal religious beliefs and/or spirituality. Please take this for what it is: my take on life. You have your beliefs and I respect you for them. Spread love not hate. Thank you!).


Another very big aspect that I think defines Mexican people is PLANNING. Or the lack of LOL!. There’s a special trait we share. We have the gift of creating a party in no time, with delicious food, great music and a bunch of family members and friends. I’m not just saying this, it’s something that certain Dutch people have noticed about us hehe.

Over the past two years, my boyfriend has come to visit me in three different occasions and every single time he makes a comment on this very matter. And when I’m visiting him I get to experience how they go about this business. It’s pretty hilarious to be honest. Because I don’t know how we can get it done with no real planning behind it, things just work out, plans happen and calls and texts get send. That’s it! No other secret. In Sweden, on the other hand, it’s not quite the same. AT ALL. People plan weeks in advance, write things on calendars, make appointments, dinner dates, they synchronize schedules, etc. Even when it’s something as simple as go out with your family. Crazy how different this is across cultures, right?

On a different note, now I warmthfeel like talking about a topic that hits my heart in a special place because of my love. When I first introduced my Dutch man to my family here in Mexico it became a big party for almost my entire family. That first day when we got home from the U.S. my mom had decorated my room with balloons and welcome signs for him (she’s the best mom ever). She had my nephews draw pictures and write messages for him to hang. That same evening my family came over and we barbequed, my aunt brought a cake with welcome signs again in all four languages (Dutch, English, Swedish and Spanish) and we had a blast. The food was delicious!

I still remember the look on his face after meeting everyone and when getting all of this love from my family *so cute*. Later that night, he told me no one had ever done anything like that for him, and that he couldn’t imagine how people that had never met him could express so much love for a stranger. All because I love him. Because he’s special to me. Indeed this is how my family is. WARM. Open hearted people. I’m one lucky girl.

All in all, I love being from Mexico. With the bad, regular and amazing aspects that come with it. I am thankful for being born in a family that surrounds me with love and acceptance, friends that are there for me, and a guardian angel that’s always by my side. Stay happy, grateful, healthy and blessed.

With love,